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This year has shown that being a landlord is more difficult than it ever was. It will get a little more complicated due to tenant reforms, new rules, and legislation. The good news is that there is still a high level of demand for rented homes. As housing prices go down, you might find a good deal. The industry should continue to see rising standards as a result of these improvements that help protect landlords and tenants.

Improved Tenancy Protection for the Renters

If the government gets their way, the renter’s reform plan could become law this year. Giving tenants more rights will also make dishonest landlords step up their game and quit taking shortcuts. Renters’ rights and standards will rise as a result, and you won’t risk having your rental properties cheated by dishonest landlords.

An increase in Capital Gains Tax

From April 2023, a considerable decrease will be made to the tax-free allowance for landlords selling a property. Due to the possibility of increased capital gains tax, it is advisable to sell your property as soon as you decide to do so if you wish to avoid it. Further cuts are planned for 2024, which will result in a halving of your tax savings upon selling.

Rates for buy-to-let mortgages

Mortgage rates are significantly more stable than they were last year, despite being higher than they were previously. This means you can again make plans for the future and figure out costs more accurately.

Greater Demand

There was a high demand for rented housing in 2022. The demand for this year is very high.  Due to the rising cost of living and loan rates, fewer people can afford to buy. A rent increase is anticipated in order to cover costs, reflect the intense demand, and obtain a higher rental yield.

A great addition to your Assets

With home prices levelling off and falling, now is a good time to add to your assets. The rental returns are good, and the demand is very high. Some owners will decide to sell, while smart investors will look for new properties to develop as buy-to-let businesses. Asking prices are much more open to cheaper offers than they were last year, so you might be able to buy something that before wasn’t as good of an investment.

Monetary assistance for energy efficiency improvements

Landlords need to meet certain criteria to qualify for government subsidies totalling £1 billion to help homeowners insulate their homes. In order to help landlords provide attractive, energy-efficient properties, the goal is to increase energy efficiency.


In 2023, there will be a lot happening, and landlords will almost certainly have higher expenses. Given the increasing rental demand, now is the ideal time to make investments and offer excellent housing to tenants. Standards increase in a variety of ways as the business becomes more regulated, elevating it and making it a more reliable place to invest.

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