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Considering retiring? Many people lost their jobs or were placed on long-term layoffs as a result of the recent pandemic, and many used this as an opportunity to retire early and avoid going back to work. If you fall into this category, you might be wondering if your current residence is appropriate for your next stage of retirement. Naturally, it might be perfect for your current living situation, but the greatest moment to think about its longevity is right now. Making simple renovations to your current home could ultimately save you time and money. If the future-proofing number is low, you can find a better home at Lind Letting.

Some Tips to make your Home Retirement Ready


As a Homeowner, the safety of entering and leaving your home should come first. Fortunately, there are many minor modifications that can increase accessibility and shouldn’t cost a fortune at this early stage. Consider creating a modest ramp rather than steps at the front door, adding handrails, or installing exterior lighting, for instance, to make it simpler to move around at night. You can think about making your home’s entry lower so that it is all on one level.

Having Stairs

If your home is all on one floor, moving around is much easier. Therefore, whether you now live in a cottage or even a flat, you have already secured a few more years in your house. However, if your property has stairs, this can prevent you. Your initial step should be to add an additional bannister rail, which will increase your sense of security. However, it’s important to research how much it would cost to construct a stairlift for people who want extra assistance.

Wider Space

By creating wider walk-through areas, rearranging your furniture can increase the practicality of your living space. Take into consideration organising your space and getting rid of huge furnishings that aren’t in use. For instance, if you live alone or there are just the two of you, get rid of some of your everyday furniture while increasing the number of occasional chairs you have. These chairs may be stored away and pulled out when you have guests. Alternately, position the sofa so that its back provides something stable to rest on while moving around the area.

Simple Bathroom Modifications

Install grab rails to make entering and leaving the bath on your property easier. Additionally, bath lifts can be installed for people with limited movement. Also worth taking into consideration are walk-in showers with benches. Wet rooms are growing more and more common, and not just among the elderly. Even if you want a safe bathroom, you don’t have to give up on style. Talk to bathroom fitters and artists about your needs and make it clear that you also want it to look good.

Numerous options exist for making the toilet easier to use. Handrails, toilet seat raisers, and even high-tech, self-cleaning smart toilets can all be helpful.

Minor modifications, like switching carpets for non-slip mats, decluttering, and switching bulky shower doors for simple-to-open curtains, can have a big impact.

Energy-Efficient Appliances and other Kitchen Adaptations

It’s important to make this space accessible. This can involve replacing difficult-to-reach cabinets, choosing a shallow sink, and lowering the countertop.

There are several appliances that are ideal for seniors that can be added to kitchens to make them safer and more functional. Instead of using a kettle, switch to an instant-boiling water tap with a safety function. Taking out large wall cabinets that are difficult to access and that you no longer use is another option. This not only makes things easier to reach, but it may also allow more light to enter your kitchen, giving the impression that it is larger.

Home Security

For all of us, whether we are young or old, home security should be a top priority. Installing an alarm system and using an intercom or video entry phone can both add to your sense of security. They can be quite inexpensive to install, and for those who are more tech-savvy, you can connect them to your smart device or TV.

Also, you can use smart technology and applications to regulate your heating, turn on and off your lights, and monitor motion at your windows and doors. Additionally, you might grant your family members access to the notifications so they can check in as necessary.

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The first phase of retirement planning will at the very least give you a few more years of stress-free living as it involves evaluating your property to see if it is ‘retirement ready’, and will be safe and comfortable for the retirement lifestyle you desire. However, if you are unsure if you will be able to stay in your current home, or if you are looking to identify and budget for a retirement-ready home closer to family, you can find the best Scottish homes for sale at Lind Letting. We will be happy to assist you if you believe you need something more long-term for your retirement.

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