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As the weather warms up and summer approaches, daffodils begin to bloom, adding colour to the longer days’ added light. Spring is a time of change. When it comes to enhancing your natural habitat, just like wildlife, you can take action! It shouldn’t be difficult to make seasonal modifications that don’t break the bank whether you own a property outright or rent one.


Change the bedding in your bedrooms to give them a new look. Select vibrant, uplifting hues that fit the season. Boost the light. If you are a landlord, you might want to consider painting the walls to give them a new look. The nicest flowers are fresh ones; one tulip can accomplish a lot. However, dried flowers placed on a windowsill can still provide a splash of vibrant colour and cheer to your surroundings.


As the heart of most homes, the kitchen sees the most activity and will benefit from a thorough spring cleaning and decluttering. If you have the ability to do more, think about retiling, painting, or replacing the worktops and cabinetry. Change the blinds and add some lighting to truly make the room feel bigger. Some potted herbs flourish in the kitchen and bring colour and appealing scents. Additionally, having them around is useful for preparing a seasonal treat. Tomato plants will also flourish on the windowsill in your kitchen and, by the middle of the summer, you’ll be spending less on food!


Even if you rent, there are countless options here. Get outside and plant some flowers or trees in the garden. Think about buying or, even better, building some patio furniture and start planning how you want to spend a summer night: beside a fire pit for example, or cooking outside on a stove, pizza oven or perhaps a barbecue. Just tidy up, mow the lawn, and start a herb garden. Plant some solar-powered lights if you prefer less upkeep! Keep things basic and create a pleasant space in the garden because as a landlord, you won’t want to go overboard. To keep your tenants satisfied, construct a pleasant sundeck or outside dining area.

Living room

The living room will change from being a warm spot to hibernate to one that is more light, airy, and inviting. Add a few mirrors and perhaps some wall art. If you have a fire, you might choose to use more seasonal-scented candles so that the room will smell like spring or summer because you won’t need the fire’s heat as much. Rugs can give a lot of colour to a space, whether they are placed on the floor or the wall; the result is the same. Plants are a wonderful way to bring colour and, quite literally, new life to your living space. There are a tonne of fresh, exotic options that will liven things up considerably and allow you to unwind after a long day.


Adding some fresh towels, more accessories like a soap dish or mirror, or some rustic shelving where you can put some bath salts and extra plants would do the trick! Re-grout the spaces between the tiles; even a tiny bit will make a great difference.

Welcome Home!

Make sure your home’s front entrance always gives you a warm welcome by adding flowerpots, a tidy, weed-free facias, clean windows, and a gleaming front door.

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