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How to switch your Glasgow property’s letting agent

Are you a landlord in Glasgow who is disappointed with the level of service you’re getting from your letting agent? It might surprise you to discover that changing agents is simpler than you might have thought.

Most landlords endure bad service from their letting agency, including poor communication, inaction in locating renters, poor maintenance, and late rent payments. They act in this way out of loyalty, a perception that switching agents will be troublesome, or doubt about their ability to carry out the switch.

If you’re thinking whether to change letting agents keep in mind that your Glasgow home is a valuable asset. You deserve the greatest service because your agent is profiting from your rental property. Also, keep in mind that switching agents can usually be done fast and easily, usually without you having to raise a finger.

Why would you switch Glasgow’s letting agents?

Depending on your situation, there are several good reasons to think about switching. For instance:

  1. Increasing fees – if your agent increased their fees and you’re unsure if you actually received value for your money.
  2. Even though your house is in a good area and is beautifully furnished, if you’re having trouble finding a tenant, perhaps your agent’s team isn’t doing their part.
  3. Poor service is one of the major reasons given by landlords for searching elsewhere, whether it be a failure to return your calls or a lack of decency when handling your enquiries.

How To Switch Letting Agents in Glasgow

Review Your Contract

Changing agents is often not too difficult for landlords, but you should review your contract. You may have initially agreed to a six- or 12-month agreement that you can’t cancel without paying a fee. Whether you signed up for a tenant-seeking service or a fully-managed one will affect the terms of your contract. If you just signed up for a tenant searching service, you are less likely to be locked in for a long time.

Decide on the termination period as well, or how much notice you must provide your agency before transferring.

Look for a New Letting Agent

Now is the perfect moment to look for a new agent if you’re not doing so already. Take a look at the fees, but don’t make a decision based just on them.

  • Ask a lot of questions about local renting agencies to learn more about how effective they are at finding renters and managing properties.
  • Find out if you can work well together professionally.
  • In addition to seeking out personal recommendations, read reviews and testimonials.
  • Prior to terminating your contract with your current letting agency, look for a new one because they might handle the transition for you.
  • Before making a switch, be sure that the letting agent is registered with the authorities in Scotland.

Notify the other party

If you want to end the contract, you must inform the letting agent in advance. Midway through a tenancy, if you change agents, you should inform your renter of the change. If you don’t already have them, ask the agent for their contact information.

It is important to get everything in writing, so confirm the termination of the contract with your agent before moving further, making sure to get the details and receipts for any exit expenses.

Gather the Keys and Important Documents

Set up a time to pick up the keys or to have them delivered to your new agent. Make sure to request from your agent all relevant paperwork, such as the energy performance certificate, gas and electrical safety certification, inventory, tenancy agreement, and information on deposit protection.

Do not forget that the Scottish government has established a plan where the security deposit of your tenant will be held. Ensure that the deposit is transferred to your name or the name of your new agent if it was registered with your agency in the first place.

Make an Updated Lease Agreement

You must draft an updated tenancy agreement if you switch to a new agency during an ongoing tenancy. Try to avoid changing the terms of the contract at this time to cause as little inconvenience to your tenants as possible.


Can you switch letting agents during your rental?

Yes, the tenant and landlord are both parties to the lease. Although it shouldn’t matter because the letting agent manages the home, always verify your contract first.

Is it Easy to Change Letting Agents?

Yes, most letting agents will handle the work for you, making the process usually very straightforward. All you need to do is send a letter and select your new agent.

In Glasgow, How do I find a Letting Agent?

As we’ve said, you should do your research, read reviews and testimonials, and talk to a few Glasgow agents to find out what they can offer you. We at Lind Letting would love to talk to you about the services we offer Glasgow landlords.

How can I switch to Lind Letting?

At Lind Letting, we have a service for switching letting agents. This means that we’ll cut down on the work you have to do and the stress you have to deal with. Set up a quick call with us, and we’ll tell you more.

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